Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Living vicariously

For those of you snow lovers who wish to live vicariously, this is the view from my balcony a week ago. Jack even decided to be brave and check it out. As you can see, he got about as far I would before he decided he'd had enough. Most of it is gone now, we had a couple warm days, though we should be getting some in fresh tomorrow. The Pictures below are from a week earlier.

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Anonymous said...

No snow here in the desert, although it's been quite cold :( ...

I don't think I have your email address, so I'll just post here what Luxor's vet emailed me today:

"I received the results of the stone analysis and Luxor's stone was a
> Struvite stone which is composed of Magnesium and Ammonium phosphate. It is
> a stone that forms in alkaline urine so therefore we usually see them form
> secondary to urinary tract infections. The best type of food to eat would be
> one that acidifies the diet (prescription diets are made by Hills,
> Innovative Veterinary Diets (IVD), Waltham, Purina...) We carry the IVD and
> Hills brands but I would suggest a diet that neutralizes the pH of the urine
> because I'm afraid if we continuously acidify he will form calcium oxalate
> stones in the acid urine.
> Let me know what you want to do. I'm sure this e-mail will prompt questions.

Yep, I've got questions - like what food is ph neutral???