Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Sneaking Doubt

"Sneaking Doubt"
10cm x 11cm x 11cm, 2007
linen warp; wool, cotton, linen, silk, rayon weft

Inspired by a conversation with the Unimommer. She is one of those sneaking doubts you get that tell you you can't do something, can't be something, have no talent, no originality, no skill. The Sneaking Doubt that is, not the Unimommer. The Unimommer is very supportive!

Sneaky little thing... I tried photographing her several times since I finished her a few months ago, and she just would not stop casting weird shadows.

Pulled warp tapestry, first attempt at figural shape. Still need some work on keeping my edges even on non-rectangular tapestries. And I think making them taller would make it easier to pull the warps and tie them off.

I also need to get some hatpins to stick in her. Or maybe stuff her and turn her into a pin-cushion.