Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dona Nobis Pacem

I believe we all have a purpose for our existence, that that purpose is unknown, often even to ourselves, but that each person’s purpose is has its place in the wider picture, and therefore that we all owe each other a certain basic respect.

I believe that a person who is given no respect will not feel a need to treat others with respect, so we should give a certain level of respect to even those one might argue have forfeited it, if only to encourage them to improve their behaviour.

I believe that if we wish to survive as a species, we owe it to each other to care about each other and to encourage each other to be better than we already are.

I believe ignorance may be bliss, (though I doubt it) but a person who refuses to learn and to think for themselves cannot understand what they are doing and why. If they do not understand, they cannot correct themselves when they go wrong, and they cannot hope to go beyond the mere obedient repetition of what they were told to do.

I believe that sometimes someone does something so heinous that it necessary to stand up to them, to stop them, but that retaliation is a hammer used to kill a housefly, violence aimed at another is the quickest road to ruin for ourselves, and that bombs don’t solve ANYTHING.

I believe anger, fear, and hatred of another tend to allow the one who causes those emotions in us to have power over us. By refusing to hold on to anger or hatred, refusing to let fear stop us, we take that power back to ourselves. We become hard to intimidate, difficult to exert control over, and almost impossible to tempt or force into doing something we think is wrong.

I believe that one way or another, in the end we will all be held accountable for our actions.

I believe that many people think war is an acceptable answer in certain circumstances, and that they have many valid reasons for believing this, even though I disagree with their conclusions.

But I also believe that Peace is not a luxury. It is a necessity. We will not survive without it.

Oh, and I also believe you should go out and adopt a homeless kitty. It will make you a happier person.

Ok, or maybe a dog, or a ferret, or even a turtle.


Sadie said...

Excellent post. Very well-written.

And you and Jack are right. If everyone adopted a kitty, the world would be a better place.

(Merlin's Mom)

Irene said...

Another wonderful globe posted for unity's sake. Woohoo! Wishing you and your loved ones peace and joy that never ends! c",)