Monday, July 06, 2015

Toy photo dump!!!

Jan 2014-Personal Gift to a friend

Nov 2014-Roman Doll for Medieval history demo box. Dress is based on a separate find of a doll dress (with scrap of tapestry sewn on front) contemporary to doll find doll is based on.

Jan 2015- Dolls are dressed in Roman, Coptic or Byzantine style in the colours of the three baronies of Avacal (SCA), Principality colours, and Kingdom (An Tir) colours. Unfortunately as always I forgot to take pictures and these were filched from one of the photographers at the event (Beothuk, I think)

Hobby Horse and Doll (eventually dressed in Viking-tunic, apron-dress, shawl)

Yes, I forgot to take a picture of the finished doll.

New style of doll, also reconstructed based on a Roman Egypt era find from about the same time period as the other doll style. Arms modified from original.

Printed fabric from test pieces done by a friend. Original has a body that appears to be resist dyed in indigo, with white head and arms.

Roman chiton... not happy with how it looks. Will have to try a different style of dress on the next one.

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Sorcha said...

I like your dolls. Is there pictures of the extant dolls that you base these off of?