Sunday, October 25, 2009

We don't get the inspiration we want

Apparently we don't get the inspiration we want, we get the inspiration we need. Much like cats.*

And oh great, look, it's WRITING inspiration. I'm supposed to be doing ART right now.

Good thing the inspiration node in my brain is a cute little mass of grey matter, or I'd kick it in the ankle.

Happily, one rough outline, some details around a couple of bits of action and a few key lines of dialog are done, and I think I understand the purpose of two of the characters.

Also one hell of a case of epiphany whiplash...Oh, good morning world, I'm going to bed!

*Or is that the cats we deserve?

1 comment:

K Spoering said...

I've been trying to shut-up a nagging writing muse for a while now, because I have been needing to paint. I'm afraid if I keep shutting her up, she'll go away and never come back. So listen to her if you can!