Saturday, August 09, 2008

Sing Your Dead to Sleep

“Sing Your Dead To Sleep”
Tapestry (pulled warp) - wool, linen, beads
18 cm x 12 cm x 10 1/2 cm

The War Queen III

are we lost
and widow-damned
...sing the dead to sleep
who no more raise the sun among us
who no more lay the stars to rest

Brenda Gerritsma, 2003

“Sing Your Dead to Sleep” is one of a collection of roughly figural pieces I am working on; a kind of fetish doll, meant to house a strong emotional concept, rather than to impose energy. This piece is one of mourning an overwhelming loss, portraying a personal ritual of farewell.

Linen warp, wool weft. One of my few pieces not made predominantly with recycled/reclaimed/secondhand materials, the linen and wool were purchased, though for another project. The beads are woven in, the white discs coming from an old necklace no one wanted, and the seed beads were also purchased for another project. The green branching plant was embroidered on after shaping, with long and short bullion stitches.

The body was woven with large slits, with the weft on either side being pulled deliberately too tight to cause the slits to gape. It was also woven with curling patterns in the warp, which are really only visible when seeing it closely in person (you can see it a little between the head and the stitching and beads on the first picture).

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rachel said...

You've been really busy Brenda! Excellent work, I really like your "fetish" figure...and all your new work posted.
I feel very sad for your lost friend. I lost someone in August, who was very important and inspirational to me too. I expect the only way to honour them is to keep on making work..with them always in the back of your mind. Even while Kate was alive I would always be thinking, What would kate say about this? and then I'd try and imagine. It's quite comforting really. Rach