Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What my valley looks like now

Pictures were taken Feb 12, from the monument to 12-Foot Davis, overlooking the Peace and Heart (Hart? I'm a little unclear on that-it's the river no one ever talks about...) Rivers.

It was cold.

And there are bears.

Just saying, is all. We didn't see one or anything.

But they're there. I could feel their beady little eyes, wondering if we'd brought cake.


Anonymous said...

In case your hotmail account has changed, I'm trying to contact all my old friends. Feel free to drop me a line sometime. Hope to hear from you soon


The Ginger Darlings said...

Bears were watching you and wandering if they should lend you their hair for more sculptural pieces.
My cats love your cats.
And we found an old friend while looking at your blog, Meabh Warburton. I have a tapestry of hers in my kitchen.
Email me on jackie at
It seems we have much in common.