Saturday, November 11, 2006

This is How She Feels- a series of small shrines

Damned by Psyche's Wisdom
17cm x 16cm x 18cm, 2006
kozo, cat hair, crow feathers, ceramic incense holder

"..damned by Psyche's wisdom..." is a line from a poem of mine. This piece is about a personal search for wisdom. The cat hair represents peace, comfort and home, the feathers, freedom, all contained in an egg shaped ball.

The War Queen
16cm x 15 1/2cm x 17cm, 2006
kozo, madder, teeth, wool, holly leaf skeletons, gold wire, pottery

'The War Queen' is the title of a poem cycle I have been writing. The edge of the ball is tinged red, and a red handprint is on the back, an image of blood on one's hands. The teeth signify an all-consuming hunger, and the prickly holly leaf skeletons inside are pain and ruin. This piece is about the sometimes painful and bloody cost of wisdom and doing what one thinks is right.

When Sophia Wakes
23cm x 20cm x 11cm, 2006
kozo, silk, shells, gold wire, pearl beads, water-eroded coin, indigo, pottery

'When Sophia Wakes' is a line from a poem of mine about the waking of wisdom. The various elements signify the ocean, salt water, tears, and the forms of wisdom and how we pay for them.


Kelly said...

Hey Brenda!

How on Earth did you end up in Northern Alberta? Sounds like an interesting story for sure.

Email me: kelly{at}marmalade{dot}ca (not that doing that seems to stop the spammers, but it's worth a shot).

Elaine said...

These are beautiful and meaningful - did you make these yourself?

Lux's Mom

Elaine said...

Really lovely work!

I just read your comment on South by West, and wanted to let you know that the vet is sending Luxor's "stone" out to be analyzed. She said depending on which kind it turns out to be, that will be when she'll make the decision what sort of food he should be eating. She said it used to be one sort of stone, which was blamed on too much magnesium (ash), but the vets (yes, she took blame also) went so far in the opposite direction that now stones are being formed by the food created to correct the first kind of stones!

We've always fed him the best sorts of holistic foods, but I guess that doesn't matter if the wrong ingredient is there!

Thanks for checking out my deviantART site also; I appreciate it!

Elaine said...

Hi again! :) Yes, I'll keep you posted as to what Lux's vet says. He's been rather lethargic today, so of course I'm freaking out. His tummy feels warm. But he's still got that famous appetite. Maybe his behavior is just normal after surgery like that. It's got to hurt, although I've got another day of pain medication to give him.

If he doesn't seem perkier tomorrow, I'm going to call the emergency number the vet gave me.